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I could be the one...

~ Don’t forget to smile every day! :)

~ ¡No os olvidéis de sonreír cada día! :)

~ Japan has magical places… DEFINITELY! :)

~ Japon tiene lugares realmente mágicos :)

~ Good lessons for this crazy life :P

~ Buenas lecciones para esta vida loca :P

~ Oh god… I’m so hungry now… 

~ Oh dios… Estoy hambrienta ahora…

~ Much roam, so flee, SUCH LEGENDARY! So Dogemon! Cool :P

~ Much roam, so flee, SUCH LEGENDARY! Muy Dogemon! Mola :P

~ Love chocolate so MUCH :)

~ Adoro el chocolate… mucho… MUCHISIMO :)

~ Chillhood friends of my imagination <3

~ Los amigos de mi imaginación en mi infancia <3

~ A good way to play Flappy Bird without a smartphone.

~ Una buena manera de jugar a Flappy Bird sin smartphone.

~ A “poster” version of me :P

~ Una versión a modo póster de mi misma :P

~ Happy Valentine’s Days boys and girls :P

~ Felíz día de San Valentín chicos y chicas :P

Hi! My name is Sara but you can also call me Howaito. As you can see on my nick (Howaito90) i'm born in the 90's, exactly 28th of September on 1990. I can't live without videogames and art. I like 80's and 90's music, specially rock, metal, funky and disco. I'm going to show you a little bit of my world. Games, cute pictures, crazy gifs... Come in! It's free ㋡

Thanks for watching my Tumblr! Atte. Sara aka Howaito